Our Story

As a mama bear to two adorable cubs, my journey into parenthood sure came with its share of twists and turns. It was like stepping into an entirely different universe filled with surprises and new experiences waiting at every corner. Once my eldest sweetheart started his daycare adventure, I was introduced to this fascinating realm of labels – it was as if there was an unspoken rule that EVERYTHING had to be tagged!

In the beginning, we made do with simple blank labels and personalized them with our little man's name using a Sharpie. But then, I noticed the other parents bringing out their A-game with character-themed and customized labels. I didn't want my precious to feel left out, so I took the plunge into the world of research.

After weeks of scouting for the perfect name tags, it quickly became clear that everything available was as plain as paper - just a bland rectangle with a tiny icon on the side and a name. Having grown up in the vibrant culture of South Korea, I knew we needed something more, something brighter!

I found myself ordering dazzling stickers from Korea, and boy did the shipping costs sting! But then a light bulb went off - with my background in design and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Pratt University, I realized I was perfectly equipped to create these goodies myself.

And that's when my brainchild, SkickiRoo, was born. After several months of nurturing character ideas, refining designs, and conducting test runs in production, I introduced a lineup of delightfully detailed stickers that mirrored the uniqueness found in South Korea. Made with top-notch vinyl and carefully crafted waterproof outlines, our designs were ready to shine.

I'm beaming with joy as I introduce you to the world's cutest and most exquisite name-tag stickers for your little one. Each purchase fuels my passion to create new lovable characters and fresh, eye-catching designs!

Your support means the world to me! Should you have any queries or if you simply want to chat, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage!

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